April 3, 2024

Russian Orthodoxy as cover for Mongol Shamansim

Russian Orthodoxy has nothing in common with Christianity. It is a cover for aggressive Shamanism professed by Genghis Khan Putin and Shoigu's icon and a founding father of the Russian empire.

Current Russian politics is a historical reconstruction of the politics of the 13th-century Mongol Empire.
The main principle of the Mongol Empire's extension was capturing a nation and weaponizing it and using its resources, against another nation. Then, the next captured nation was weaponized against the next nation not captured yet. The process should repeat itself until the global empire was built.
For example, Russians are still proud that their troops captured South China for the Mongols.
This is an easy and cheap way of conquering the world because every other nation thinks it can avoid invasion when the other nation is under attack. And does little, if at all, to stop the Horde. When the strengthened Horde comes after them, there will be nobody to help them.
The earlier the vicious circle is broken, the better. It takes mobilization and consolidation of all to protect the one under attack if they don't want to become the target tomorrow - some earlier, some later.
Another important element of Ghengis Khan's aggression was subversion operations and PsyOps in the targeted nation long before the military invasion. As a result, the locals often opened their fortresses, letting the Mongol Horde in. This is the old Mongol tactic, which was recently named the "Gerasimov Doctrine" of the Hybrid War.
Another element of Mongol warfare was creating a false image of the enemy for the victim to energize their attacking forces as if they were fighting for the just cause. The Russians use all three Mongol warfare elements in their war against Ukraine and the next targets.
Wherever Russia runs its PsyOps and other hybrid operations, they are the target for future Russian military attacks.

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