April 30, 2010

euro|topics - Annexed by Russia

euro|topics - Annexed by Russia
Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Annexed by Russia

For the daily Gazeta Wyborcza, the huge tumult on Tuesday which accompanied the Ukrainian parliament's extension of the lease agreement for the Russian Black Sea fleet marks the beginning of the end: "Ukraine is sinking into conflict and internecine war. In such a state it will be difficult to save the country from its economic woes. It will also be difficult for Ukraine to move closer to the EU, although this is really what all the key political forces on the Dnieper are after. Events have shown that the affirmations of the politicians in Kiev are nothing but empty words. Ukraine can move closer to its neighbour Belarus - according to its own wishes. Economically it is so dependent on Russia that it has even adopted Russian standards. The country is incapable of true sovereignty. It's an open question whether Ukraine wasn't simply annexed by Russia yesterday. Whatever the answer it certainly took one step in that direction."

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