March 21, 2024

Biden's "victory today" means Ukraine's capitulation to Moscow

 Irina Severin | UAObserver

Biden's adviser didn't mention regaining territories when talking about conditions for Ukraine's victory.

Sullivan's visit to Kyiv, demanding Ukraine's "victory today" without liberating Ukraine's territories, explains why Biden halted aid to Ukraine half a year ago, exactly when the land lease expired and Ukraine had no other options.

Biden's demand for "victory today" refers to Ukraine's capitulation of Russia today, which was planned in advance and orchestrated behind the scenes by Russia and their useful operatives in Biden's administration.
Putin clearly pointed this out in his interview and advanced demands to the Biden administration to deliver on his promise to make Ukraine capitulate.
This means not only the betrayal of Ukraine but also the betrayal of European NATO members. Nobody can trust the US's commitment anymore.
Next time, Biden will demand "victory today" from other European countries invaded by Russians, covertly playing into Russia's hands in expanding the Russian Empire. By demonstrating weakness and playing along with the adversary, Biden encourages not only Russia but also China.
The same Sullivan tricked Ukraine into launching "Formula of Peace" negotiations despite Ukraine's clear stance to get peace through military victory, which the West is interested in, not less than Ukraine.
Since then, Putin's useful operatives from the Biden administration suggested why to supply Ukraine with weapons if Ukraine is ready to capitulate - to negotiations for peace while it is still occupied by Russia?
Summer Ukraine's offensive without the necessary arms was another Russian scenario imposed on Ukraine by the Biden Administration as it guaranteed the physical obliteration of the Ukrainian army by a much better-equipped adversary and quick Russia's victory over Ukraine.
It was the Biden administration that turned petty Putinites' rebellion in Congress against Ukraine into a protracted blockage by transforming the aid to Ukraine into a partisan issue instead of bipartisan to be accepted by Congress.
This is a sophisticated technique, a Russian-style PsyOP, which worked well and continues to work if Republicans won't stop playing useful idiots to Biden.
As Russians say, estimate the beauty of the game: Biden managed to block the aid to Ukraine to please Putin and elegantly shifted responsibility for this to the Republicans.
Hopefully, Republicans won't let Biden play them blindly as pawns and support the aid to Ukraine. And the American interests will prevail over those of Putin's friends in the US.
The good side of this dark story, which cost many Ukrainians' lives, is that Europe woke up and realized that it couldn't count on the US anymore. And should take its security and destiny into its own hands because America is undergoing a tectonic change in its policy and values.
Due to Biden's immigration policy, America is quickly transforming into another Latin American country, where freedom and democracy inside and abroad are not the priority - the process that Putin actively sponsors from outside and Biden actively supports from inside the country.
Biden hopes that thanks to massive immigration, the Republicans won't have a chance to win the elections anymore, and the US will transform into a one-party system.
As Putin said in his interview, "I won't do anything to collapse the US as they do this themselves," meaning that Republicans will continue to oppose the immigration policy promoted by Democrats to preserve American values as we know them.
This will lead to a civil war and the collapse of America. There are clear signs that the situation is moving in the direction predicted (or rather orchestrated) by Putin.
In Europe, which is not dependent on the US, Ukraine will play an important role in securing it from threats by authoritarian players. If Ukraine is left to Russia, as Binden plans, Russia will strengthen enormously, as the presumed strength of Russia was due to Ukraine being a part of the Empire.
This is explainable historically. In modern terms, Russia (Muskovy) is a former colony of Ukraine (Kyivan Rus), which has transformed into a metropolis through an alliance against Kyiv with the invader, the nomadic Mongol Empire.
Russians are heirs of the Golden Horde, not of Kyivan Rusa. Russia inherited its imperial ambitions from the nomad empire, which could exist only by exploiting settled peoples.
The steppe nomads excelled at fighting, annihilating entire civilizations, and invading and enslaving settled neighbors but could not produce anything themselves.
Ukraine, on the other hand, has always been a settled and self-sufficient European nation.
Different origins explain the huge mental and cultural differences between Russians and Ukrainians and Russia's inability to develop without Ukraine to be able to continue its imperial conquests.
To hide the real situation, Putin invents and spreads historical fantasies about Russia's inexistent right to Kyiv's history and tries to wipe out Ukraine from the political map.
Without Ukraine, Russia is weak and not self-sufficient as we see now, and will always look for whom to exploit. Ukraine needs help now to protect itself and Europe from the invasion of nomadic barbarians who see the calling in ruling the world instead of developing their own country.
To stop the massive inflow of immigrants on the Mexican border, Republicans should vote for military aid to Ukraine. Putin will stop sponsoring an invasion into the US only when he is busy ensuring Russia's security and overcoming other challenges.

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