November 4, 2023

Putin's New Reflexive Control Operation or What for Russians spread rumors about Putin's death?

By Irina Severin | UAObserver

Putin's New Reflexive Control Operation or What was the goal of the rumor spread by Russians about Putin's death?

Foremost, the rumor was addressed to the Western leaders, not to the Russian public as some suggest. From the Reflexive Control point of view, the information about Putin's death should provoke shock and fear about chaos in Russia as a country with nuclear weapons in case of Putin's death.
The Western leaders should imagine a nightmare scenario with terrifying pictures of a bloody civil war in Russia with chaos and nuclear weapons without control spread to the Middle East or elsewhere.
They should think: maybe it would be better that he is still alive - despite being predictably unpredictable, he is better than somebody unknown like semi-crazy Patrushev. At least Putin has mild manners, and it is possible to converse with him. And this is exactly what happened.
How could Western leaders verify Putin is alive or not, and they don't deal with him, not an anonymous doppelgänger instead? The obvious way was to call Putin and check personally if he was alive. All of them had a practice of phone calls with him. And nobody better than them knows his way of talking, etc.
This means that the Western leaders, scared and confused, did call Putin, and Putin could exploit their confusion and abashment by demanding some significant concessions they would definitely agree to after the good news that Putin is alive and still has mild manners and maybe he should be valued.
While Western leaders were confused, scared, etc, Putin was calculated and well-prepared. He knows that if the Western leaders promise something, they will follow it.
This means that he should use his conversation to obtain a promise, which is much easier for a psychologically destabilized person. And he could obtain whatever he wanted.
It looks like Joe Biden and Olaf Scholz, and probably Emanuel Macron fell into Putin's trap and did call Putin.
The fact that ATACAMS are not included in the new package of American aid means that Biden did promise Putin to stop providing Ukraine with these missiles.
Putin didn't even have to promise something in exchange for massive concessions - the fact that he is alive and Russia is under control was a good enough reason to make such a promise.
The same is true with Scholz, who was expected to follow Biden's suit by supplying Ukraine with Taurus missiles, etc.
Therefore, due to a banal hoax, Putin is back in the game: the Western world leaders called him.
They made significant one-sided concessions to Putin, which led to a stalemate on the battlefield, benefiting Russia and destroying Ukrainian chances to win.
With one hoax (or Reflexive Control operation), Putin de facto won the war, making the Western leaders abide by him and fulfill his every whim, pretending to the public that they are still tough toward Putin and still support Ukraine.
But should the Western leaders keep their promises being de facto psychologically raped by Putin and tricked into a commitment? De facto, Putin has stolen their promise of concessions by using the forbidden method of psychological violence.
And is this really such a nightmare if Putin dies and Russia collapses? Do Russians even have the weapons they pretend to have, or they expired a long time ago? And Putin uses their vague image as a horror story to frighten and exploit the fears of Western politicians.
All Russian nuclear weapons were maintained by Ukrainian specialists. And there is plenty of evidence that it has long lost its capacity to be used.
In the 80's of the last century Soviet nuclear weapons were a real problem, not now. Remains of the Soviet era either expired or were concreted into their silos during Yeltsin's era, which is a well documented fact.
During Putin's era, nothing except science fiction and cartoons about "the strongest in the world " and "unique and no analogs Russian weapons" was ever produced. Putin wins using old KGB virtual methods like Reflexive Control, which as practice shows, are enough to frighten the West.
Isn’t Russia’s so-called nuclear arsenal just another hoax Russians use to scare the West and exist only in their imagination?
The collapse of Russia is the solution and hope, not a nightmare, as Russian propaganda suggests. This is a historical process that can't be avoided, which will resolve many problems once and forever.
Did they think what would happen if they abandoned Ukraine and let Russia win as they do now? This is the real nightmare, not the imagined one.

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