February 16, 2024

Biden chooses Putin over Ukraine and Putin reciprocates

  Irina Severin | UAObserver | 2024 

There is nothing strange about Putin preferring Biden to Trump. Joe Biden plays exactly into Putin's hands by depriving Ukraine of military aid. Despite having enough options to supply Ukraine with the necessary arms, Biden prefers appeasing Putin to win his support for reelection. 

The difference between Biden and Trump is that Trump talks about appeasing Putin, while Biden does appease Putin. The only preoccupation of Biden is to shift the responsibility for depriving Ukraine of military aid to Republicans to look good inside the country and abroad.  

Both Trump and Biden compete for Putin's favor as he possesses the "Golden share" in the American elections and could appoint the next president of the US as he did with two previous presidents by controlling the third-party candidates. 

Trump won the 2016 election and Biden in 2020 thanks to Putin's 'Golden share.' In 2016, Hillary Clinton openly recognized this. As the balance of votes during the US election is very close, the winner depends on the third party's candidates. 

Third-party candidates in the US depend on Putin - he decides whether they will run or not and which of them - to benefit Biden or Trump. This time, despite the war against Ukraine and sanctions, Putin has even more influence over the election process in the US, and both Biden and Trump know this. 

Despite appearances, Putin is the master of the election process, which should, however, reflect the American public choice, not Putin's.  Neither American legislation nor acting politicians or security institutions can deprive Putin of his influence over American politics. 

Or don’t want—the heads of the FBI and CIA are de facto Putin's lobbyists in the Biden Administration and act accordingly. As a result, the Kremlin, not the American people, decides who will run the country as President for the next four years. 

As the only way to win the 2024 election is to appease Putin by sacrificing American and European allies' interests, and this is exactly what both Biden and Trump do. Unfortunately, this is the current sad state of democracy in the US.

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