May 6, 2010

Ukrainian Civil Society creates Public Committee for Salvation of Ukraine

Громадськість створює комітет порятунку України | Українська правда
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010, 15:51

On Wednesday in Kiev, the action group meeting with a Public  Committee for
Salvation of Ukraine.
This is the Description of reference.

Group intends to hold a meeting in the Writers' Union of Ukraine, which will discuss issues concerning the early formation of the Committee.

At the meeting of the initiative group for creating rescue committee "strongly invited" all leaders "without exception, parties, large and small, are represented in the opposition of Parliament.

For immediate establishment of the Public Committee for Salvation of Ukraine supported dozens of authoritative public figures and intellectuals who expressed their position on appeal to Ukrainian people.

Proponents HKPU a note, that Yanukovych regime turned into a liquidation committee of our state. "

"To ensure the commitment of Kremlin leaders, the new government, after trading Ukrainian territory, ready to give aircraft industry and nuclear power. They sell the people of Ukraine and wholesale and retail" - convinced signatories appeals.

"At a time when Ukraine as an independent and democratic state faces mortal danger, we, feeling the responsibility for future generations, declare at the May 5, 2010 in Kiev creation of Public Salvation Committee of Ukraine" - noted in the appeal.

The purpose of the Committee are as follows: defending territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, protection of freedoms and dignity of citizens, their political, social, economic and national-cultural rights, the struggle for preservation of the Euro-Atlantic choice of Ukraine.

Such committees should be established in every province, city and village, proponents believe.

During the appeal, including signed Vladimir Vasilenko, Bohdan Horyn, Levko Lukyanenko, Yuri Mushketyk, Vasyl Ovsienko, Hope Os'maky, Dmitry Pavlychko, Michael Town Hall, Roland Franco, Oleg stork, Valery Shevchuk, Yuriy Shcherbakov, Vladimir Tsibulko and others.

As Tsibulko, telephone or e-mail addresses also supported Yuri Andrukhovych, Taras Wozniak, Nicholas Ryabchuk.

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