March 8, 2014

Alexander Dugin: Horizons of our Revolution From Crimea to Lisbon

(abstract March 7, 2014)
by Alexander Dugin
1. We aren’t going to limit ourselves by annexing Crimea. That for sure. Yesterday the reunion with the Crimea was a victory for us. Today this is infinitely small thing. Rates rise. The peoples of South-East of Ukraine are waking up gradually. It is exactly that “long at harnessing” and “swift in riding” (old Russian proverb) .
2. All the important is yet to come. We do not expect a quick victory. Everything is to be paid for. Now we are witnesses of a birth of a new political reality, that is why everything acquires a special significance. This is not a technical enterprise, not a bargain. This is history itself. The struggle for Ukraine – is a struggle for reunification of slavic peoples. Today it is clear that this reunion should be geographically different. Galicia and a number pro-western areas, and as well a large part of Kiev do not strive to Unity. We understand that. We won’t drag anyone by force. But we will not leave nor betray ours. However, for everything you have to fight and struggle to create a new political and historical reality.
3. Important: The power in Novorossiya (new pro-Russian State that is in process of being created just now in the South-East of ex-Ukraine^ called also Left-Bank Ukraine) must be clean. Free from any hint of oligarchy – including the Russian or pro-Russian. Kiev started the Revolution, but there everything ended with U.S. snipers and dirty russophobia and demands to accept Ukraine into NATO. But all could have been different. Oligarchs, tycoons and corrupted bureaucrats have everyone fed up. If Kiev and Maidan would of rose against them, without NATO, without dirty pig Nuland, without CIA manipulators and disgusting Russophobia, it would not yet have been certain on which side we would be today. Maidan was initially for something good. Probably. But manipulation and general ignorance of people of Kiev (how else to explain all this, perhaps by a low level of culture …) turned everything into a dirty bloody farce. But when on Independence square has appeared mad killer and russophobic maniac Sanya Bily with automatic gun it was irrevocable sign, a kind of last sentence. There was still time to roll out of it, but this has not occurred. Kievans have failed the Revolution. And in Crimea and South East, by contrast, people have taken up it’s initiative. The scream “Russia” now in Ukraine, means the same as “death to the oligarchs”, “freedom”, “justice”. Not pro-Russian proteges should head now every region of Ukraine, but the most honest and decent heroic persons having the direct support of the people. This is direct democracy, without farce, mediation, manipulation. People’s governors proposed spontaneously in some towns of East Ukraine is brilliant idea. This is the true democracy. And what would Kievan Rada oppose to it? – Oligarchs-governors (Taruta, Poroshenko, head of European Jewish Congress Igor Kalomoysky …)! Revolutionary spirit of the Maidan actually wins in the East of Ukraine. Not even in the Crimea, in the East! Gubarev against Taruta. Rogov against bastard Kolomoyskiy. This is the Revolution – national, social, all and immediately! In Kiev, the Revolution failed, in Novorossiya it is starting. In Kiev that was pro-USA, in the South and the East of Ukraine – against USA. That explains coverage of the facts in the West.
4. It’s time to think about what we will do in Kiev. It is is necessary to prepare a new force. Not necessarily pro-Russian. Slavic force. Anti-NATO, anti-oligarchic, really popular force. Now we must understand whether all nationalists are fully engaged by the CIA, oligarchy and unnatural Russophobia, or there someone among them, who can evaluate the reality critically and objectively. In any case, it is obvious that in this composition the so called government (junta) will be demolished before the election. In such circumstances it is impossible to conduct any election since half of Ukraine’s population leaves the former country, and actively creates a new political entity (Malorossia). Claims to preserve Ukraine former borders with previous laws are unrealistic. We need new people who will understand what happened and that what happened has happened irreversibly and will be ready to adapt themselves to new conditions. That is actually in theses circumstances Maidan can become our ally. If you peel it away from the pro-American neo-Nazi provocateurs who are moving gradually to “government” (that Ukrainian people will certainly soon overthrow), the Maidan becomes an interesting political center. This is the core of the political being of the people of Kiev, who’s made a mistake. But who may well fix it. Maidan, for example, may revoke the ghouls and types like Taruta and Kalomoyskiy from governors and publicly hear the arguments of Paul Gubarev, Donetsks popular governors, illegally detained by mercenaries. May ask the leaders of the junta about the incident with the snipers. May invite Russian politicians and public figures to clarify their positions and their views on future of Ukraine. No Russian authority or serious leader is going to speak with the junta and neo-Nazi nitwits, but with the people of Kiev and with Maidan, why not … Therefore Kiev is not cleared from the accounts. It can not be equated with the junta. There is junta and there is Kiev. This is also not the responsible speaker for whole Right-Bank Ukraine, especially because the part of Kiev on the left bank (!). But this (Maidan) is a political entity in an emergency situation. Now that it is clear that people were killed by CIA and Mossad people, and not by Yanukovych, the whole story looks different. This were leaders of junta that at the behest of its American masters have killed the “hundred”, sending her to the next world (to heaven or not is an open question).
5. For the Right-Bank Ukraine, too, there is a need to prepare a political project. Chervonaya (Red) Rus. Western-Ukrainian Republic. Very attractive. Quite affectionately. It may also not be in a hurry to welcome NATO, as it will cause territorial problems with Sub-Carpathian Rus peopled by ancient particular and radically prorussian etnic group Russiny. But in any case that could be a compact purely Ukrainian state with its own language, without ethnic and linguistic minorities. A sound project. It would be yet much better, if this country will become once a part of the common Slavic bloc. But that’s up to Galicians themselves to decide. At the same time that will be satisfy the wildest dreams of current ultranationalists. Russian-speaking people and the mentally adequate persons will quickly leave this place. And then it will be possible to all pure race Ukrainians freely communicate in their own language and even put everywhere monuments to Shukhevych, Bandera, Petlyura and even Hitler. From the perspective of postmodernity, such State has every right to exist. Then there Yarosh, chief of Right Sector, could become President, Dmitro Karchinsky, chief of anarcho-nationalist movement Minister of Culture and maniac idiot Sanya “Bily” Musychko the General Prosecutor or the head of the Interior Ministry. I’m completely serious, by the way. It is a good idea. At the next historical stage this Western-Russian enclave of peculiar postmodern insanity might well come in existence.
6. However, our revolution will not stop in Western Ukraine. It must go further in Europe. This is the most interesting aspect: With Kiev’s Maidan the U.S. have opened Pandora’s box in Europe. And it cannot be not closed anymore. Kissinger correctly said that the putsch on Independance Square of Maidan shows to Putin what is awaiting him (Bolotnaya, Echo of Moscow and other domestic atlantist swines in Russia itself, the fifth column). But … It is a threat not only to Moscow. It is a threat and to Europe – including Germany, France, Italy and all the rest. Once the US learned to manipulate neo-nazi accomplices, they may easy repeat the same in any other European country. And they WILL REPEAT it. Tomorrow or later. So now that their situation goes extremely bad, then it is most likely tomorrow.
7. Europe faces a Revolution in both cases: if we, Russians, win, and if we stop somewhere under NATO pressure. If we win, we will begin the expansion of liberational (from americans) ideology into Europe. It is the goal of full Eurasianism – Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Great Eurasian Continental Empire. And we will build it. This means European Revolution will be Eurasian Revolution. This is our last horizon. And each of our successful step (from maintaining the integrity of Russia in the face of Chechen separatism in the 2000s to the liberation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in August 2008 and until now the Crimea in March 2014) – it is a step towards the European Revolution. Which will be carried out by the Man of Destiny.
8. Now the second case, if we (God forbid) stop. Then the pressure in Ukraine and civil and political conflict on its territory, with rebound will spread to Europe itself. It will be also a Revolution, but more similar to the one that occurred on the Maidan. That is, it will the splash of neo-Nazism, à la Breivik, and connivance of certain identitarian movements and groups. In recent years in Europe the System (the global financial oligarchy and the U.S) shows that it clearly intend to use this element for a radical destabilization of the situation in Europe. If in Ukraine energy in the Maidan was Russophobia of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, without which Maidan would not acquired such a radical form of staging a coup, in Europe the same fuel of hatred will become the hatred of nationalists towards immigrants, to Islam and to LGBT. And accordingly, the hatred of immigrants, Muslims and LGBT towards indigenous population, represented in neo-nazis by caricature. Now the support of some European identitarians (many, but not all) to the Right Sector is clear – they have the same structural aims and same master. Therefore, in this case as well, Revolution is waiting for Europe.

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