May 26, 2022

Putin's "Food OPEC," Shoigu's reflexive control ops, and Ukraine's lonely "final stand" against Russia's horde


It appears that the US (and, even more so, European countries) still don't fully understand the implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Putin's end game. Additionally, to oil and gas prices increase, food prices lately had risen by 50% after Russia launched the war against Ukraine.
But if the US allows Russia to occupy Ukraine, even partly, as some Russia-paid experts suggest to the Biden Administration to save Putin's face, world food prices will double.
Russia plans to dramatically increase its share of the world food market by capturing Ukraine's fertile black soils to be able to dictate world prices. Russia is obsessed with the idea of maximizing its clout in the world's food markets, especially after losing its gas influence over Europe and the world. Controlling the world's food market would significantly improve Russia’s geopolitical standing.
Russia can't obtain this goal without Ukraine’s lands. Russia needs Ukraine's black soil to dominate the world food market. Fertile land makes up only 9% of Russia’s territory and up to 67% of Ukraine’s. Russia's influence over world food prices is not a temporary fallout of war as the West thinks, but the primary strategic goal of Russia's war against Ukraine.
Russia not only destroys everything in Ukraine to free the space for the industrial production of grain and other food products on Ukrainian chernozems. Putin is so obsessed with the idea of world food market domination that it wipes out everything from the territory of Russia's chernozem for the same purpose. Early and out-of-season massive fires in Russia's South Siberia coincide with Russia's 9% of fertile soils.
Moscow's desperate actions show Russia's fixation on dominating the world food market as soon as possible. Only by blocking Ukraine's seaports Russia has increased control over the world's food prices. Add to Russia's increased share on the world market a de facto acting already a kind of "Grain OPEC" with India, and you will get a preview of the future. Putin intends to dominate the world by starving and eliminating enemies and feeding up submissive regimes.
Exactly as Russia managed to obtain energy domination over Europe and control over prices of oil and gas, now Moscow prepares to do the same with food on an even bigger scale. If earlier, Russia intended to freeze the dissent against its world domination, now Russia wants to starve it.
Food prices are even more effective leverage than fuel in potential regime changes around the globe. Most revolutions in the world started from food price rises on food and their shortages as this affects people’s basic needs. At the same time, the increase in food production is Putin’s guarantee that Russians will play along with his politics, whatever insane it is, as their primary needs are satisfied.
The chief goal of Putin’s attacks will be democracies. The Biden administration's approval rating already suffers from rising gas prices inside the US. If Russia captures Ukraine's chernozem, the food prices will increase exponentially, and the Biden Administration will be the first victim. The same challenges would face other Western governments unwilling to obey Russia’s rule.
However, we see a tacit sabotage of Ukraine by the US and even more so by Germany, France, and Italy. All of them promised some "weapons," but later, sometime in July, when Russia would occupy and eradicate Ukraine by massively overwhelming it with its military force.
All this could happen despite big promises by the West, signed Lend-Lease, and assigned $40 bln to Ukraine's aid. Timing is everything in this war. Nobody will be able to resurrect dead Ukrainian soldiers who massively dying these days, attempting to stop Russia's overwhelming horde.
I won't be amazed if Germany, promising some military help to Ukraine, secretly helps Russia. Such things happened after the Russian military aggression against Ukraine in 2014, when Germany, despite the sanctions, secretly continued to supply Russia with military equipment. Why not now?
Promoting Russia's "peace plan," implying depriving Ukraine of sovereignty and territorial integrity, is a massive help to Russia and explicit encouragement to further Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.
It is understandable why Germany, France, and Italy are sabotaging military help to Ukraine. This results from Russian propaganda imposed on their public and decision-makers, suggesting that America would increase its influence over Europe if Ukraine won. Russia plays this card masterfully to weaponize old Europe against Ukraine, exploiting their artificially created vulnerabilities. Do those countries really want to remain one-on-one with Russia without the US security umbrella?
But why is the US sabotaging Ukraine by delaying supply with hard weapons supplies, especially the MLRS, and letting Russia occupy and destroy Ukraine and kill Ukrainians?
Did Russia’s Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu make Lloyd Austin make a promise to not supply Ukraine with hard weapons during their conversation on the 13th of May? Shoigu is a poor military commander but a great manipulator, using his outstanding devious skills to handle both Putin and the Biden administration.
In such a case, by keeping the promise to Shoigu - the main driver behind Putin's genocidal war – the US betrays Ukraine – America's most devoted and potent ally in the region. Does it make any sense?

A similar conversation between Shoigu and Lloyd Austin preceded the dire American withdrawal from Afghanistan staged in advance by Shoigu. Why repeat the same mistake of letting Russia destroy Ukraine by relying on a phony deal with Shoigu again?
Ukraine could become the Biden Administration's most significant victory or the biggest failure. Russia's plan to create a food cartel against the West is so critical for the US that Biden should send American troops to Ukraine and fight tooth and nail for Ukraine's sovereignty.
The stakes are high. To protect the world from starving and growing Russia's evil clout, the West should act immediately, not appease and encourage Moscow's aggression against Ukraine, as this happens now by withdrawing military support to Ukraine.
If the West thinks it acts smart by postponing aid to Ukraine, it is wrong. The West just demonstrates suicidal behavior resulting from Russian propaganda and Reflexive control ops.

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