May 4, 2023

Kremlin drone strike, Russia's reflexive control, nukes and fake deals


Who is behind the drone attack? Russia routinely blames US 

The incident looks like a typical Russian false flag operation. The reason for this carefully staged performance could be Russia's attempt to turn the West against Ukraine.
Apparently, there is an agreement between Russia and the US at the level of security officials that Ukraine doesn't strike the Red Square in exchange for Russia doesn't use nuclear weapons.
However, the Kremlin is a legitimate target for the Ukrainian army, as Russia attacked Ukraine. "We don't attack Putin or Moscow. We fight on our territory. We are defending our villages and cities," Zelensky said, speaking on a visit to Finland.”
The way how Zelensky immediately dismissed the probability of Ukraine’s drone attack demonstrates that Ukraine is limited by Western partners in attacking Russia and especially the Kremlin.
Zelensky’s statement was precisely what Russians would like to achieve with their carefully staged performance - to prevent Ukraine’s attacks on May 9 during the Victory Day Parade at Red Square.
Some bans were voiced openly, like yesterday's statement by German Canceler Olaf Scholz. Others, according to reputable American media, were made privately during the regular contacts between Russian and American security officials.

These are typical Russian deals when Moscow sells to the West hot air in exchange for real concessions. Another such deal is Russia’s promise to not use nuclear weapons, and the US, in exchange, doesn't supply Ukraine with F-16 and ATACMS or any other long-range enough missiles.
The paradox of the deal is that Russia, as experts suggest, either does not have nuclear weapons or the remnants of them from Soviet times had been long expired.
More precisely, Russia’s nuclear armament expired at the end of the 90s of the former century.
The Russians do not know whether the missiles will target the goal Moscow intends to strike or they would explode on Russia's territory.
The 90-s conversion campaign meant to redirect the military-industrial complex to the production of civil goods has destroyed the factories where nuclear weapons could be produced.
Then the mines where nuclear strategic ballistic missiles are stored were filled with concrete and sealed tightly, according to the testimony of a well-informed close associate of Yeltsin.
If the new weapons are produced, they are produced as samples for intimidation and propaganda matters. Moreover, Russians don’t need them since artificially created videos of frightening weapons and animations of their fake capabilities are much more effective for demonstrating Russia's non-existent military power, even than expensive samples.
The state of Russian weapons is reflected in the history of the ”Armata tank,” which has been widely advertised but never produced except for some defective samples.
The same applies to the Poseidon drones – there is no need to produce them to intimidate the West. It is enough to describe a wonder weapon, and the West will get scared to death and unable to act. War is a way of deception. And nobody canceled it.
The only weapon Moscow does possess is the capability to deter the adversary, based on information (or rather disinformation) that Russia does possess nuclear weapons in huge quantities.
To create the right impression, Moscow usually conveys the information through international professional organizations that are either bought by the Kremlin or relay lies on trust.
The Kremlin uses a scientific approach to promote disinformation meant to evoke the necessary reaction from the West. The virtual image of the threat of a nuclear attack evokes the same reaction of paralysis in Western power structures as the real threat. This is what Russia's Reflexive Control approach is about.
Therefore, it is enough to pose a threat using TV propagandists and former Russian president Dmitri Medvedev, who actively promote it. Such an approach does not necessitate getting involved in the physical arms race that ruined the Soviet Union. The lesson learned.
Why produce new nuclear weapons if the US and the West are initially superior to Russia and Moscow is anyway doomed to defeat; If no one will ever use nuclear weapons if Russia does not do it first, and if a threat of using nuclear weapons works the same way as a real weapon?
It doesn’t mean Russia doesn’t produce weapons to attack the West. It means that Russia produces the kinds of weapons that the West can’t detect and counter. This resolves two main problems in warfare - eliminating both competition and retaliation, which are unavoidable in the case of nuclear weapons.
"Alternative weapons" give Russia a huge advantage over the West and China, which Russia also struggles to contain. The only undetectable and out-of-competition weapons are the weapons prohibited by International conventions.
The West should not ban Ukraine’s attacks, as it defies common sense during the genocidal war Russia conducts against Ukraine.
Imposing such a ban on Ukraine is the same as imposing a ban on attacking Hitler.
The West should stop being a victim of Russia’s Reflexive control operations. Otherwise, the West risks "demise" (much advertised by Russia) from fear based on the pure bluff of the Kremlin.

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