November 9, 2018

Europeans cover up Russia's preparation for further military attacks on Ukraine


France and Germany's joint statement plays into Russia's hands

The author of the article with telling title “Russia demands prior warning after OSCE drone catches it transporting weapons of death to Ukraine by night” highlights that  "The Joint Statement from France and Germany was undiplomatically blunt in its message. It not only condemned the downing of the drone but stated that:
“Evidence collected by SMM suggests Russia and the separatists it backs bear responsibility for the targeting and downing of the LR UAV, blinding the mission at this particular spot."
However, mentioning inexistent "separatists" - the notion which is a product of Russian propaganda from the very beginning gives Russia an ideal pretext for plausible deniability. Russian hybrid and later military occupation from the start was orchestrated as a fake separatist uprising using propaganda and other deception tools. 

In fact, DNR and LNR were created as false flag operations to cover Russia’s hybrid and direct military aggression and occupation. Thus, by mentioning "separatists" in the official document, France and Germany play exactly into Russia’s hands. 

Europeans play along with Russia's falsehood 

Europeans' blind eye approach lets Moscow continue pretending that there are some apart entities independent in their decision-making from Moscow. In reality, DNR and LNR are Russia's colonial administration entities on the occupied territories.  Styled as an “undiplomatically blunt message,” in fact, the message is favoring Russia as it depicts the Russian version of reality.  Was this done intentionally, or is this just a sign of incompetence? Whatever the reason, the statement strengthens Russia's distorted "parallel reality" in such a way as to advance Russia's position. 

If France and Germany want to continue to play the Russian game, they will keep receiving sneering replies from Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova about their “unsubstantiated allegations in anti-Russian mode” as well as propositions to "wait until the end of the investigation" and the most laughable "that the DPR/LPR militants had already expressed willingness to cooperate in an ‘investigation.’ 

It is clear from the very beginning that the so-called DNR and LNR are ruled directly from Moscow, and any dissent on the colonial administration side is punished either by death or exile.  Otherwise, to keep the West duped, Moscow continues staging fake elections in the occupied region. Obviously, staging has nothing in common with real elections, and "the winners" are appointed in advance. 

Either the Western players will start to name the things by their names, or they inevitably will continue being obedient actors in Russia's staged version of reality.  

De facto recognition of DNR and LNR as independent players take off the responsibility from Russia, offering Moscow the noble status of a mediator instead of an aggressor. This explains the Russian claim to coordinate the movement of OSCE drones with Moscow, as Russia wants to maintain the possibility of transporting weapons to their hybrid army in DNR and LNR. 

"PMC Wagner": false flag operation imitating "Ukrainian separatists"

So-called  PMC Wagner is also Russia's artificially created false flag operation imitating inexistent "Ukrainian separatists," whose purpose is to ensure Russia's plausible deniability and shield the Russian state from the responsibility for military crimes. 

Repeating Russian propaganda notions like "separatists" only strengthens the Russian position on occupied territory.  Notion "separatists" defies common sense - how can Russian occupying military force be named "separatists"? What is it separated from? 

The question is, why the West obediently repeats this nonsense?

I wrote many times since the first day of the covert occupation in 2014 that the choice of words for describing the situation plays a crucial role. Then the occupation was covert, masquerading as an uprising (carefully staged by Russians). Now the occupation is open, but the Europeans still pretend that nothing special happens.

There never was any allusion to separatism in Donbas. The notion was artificially created to manipulate Western decision-makers using existing stereotypes.  A simple fake notion, "separatists" let Russia for years delude the West into submission and use their false flags, DNR and LNR, for the plausible deniability of the crimes committed by the Russian military in the region. 

Btw, why did Russia create two entities instead of one? According to Russia's plan, which  Moscow plans to implement, the federalized Ukraine should have three entities with equal rights. In such a case, two entities, DNR and LNR, would always overweight the rest of Ukraine as a third entity.  

 Red Herring statement

Moreover, the Statement by Germany and France on the recent attack against equipment of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, complaining about a destroyed  OSCE drone,  mostly ignores the evidence that Russia transports military weaponry to the region under the pretext of humanitarian convoys including deadly surface-to-air missile system, a weapon that can destroy thousands live in minutes. 

Obviously, Russia likes the so-called "undiplomatically blunt" reaction of the Europeans and will gladly repeat the trick as a red herring diverting attention from the main subject whenever the Russian military will transport the deadly weapons to the occupied territory.

The statement plays exactly into Moscow's hands by diverting attention from Russian preparations for the new military assault on Ukraine.  Fake elections in the occupied region also make part of the getting ready for war. Russia needs legitimization (at least fake) of the occupied territory - so-called DNR and LNR as "independent states" to be able to pretend that they are ruled not by the colonial administration appointed by Moscow but by a pretended "democratically elected government." 

Staged elections will offer Moscow a green light for the further occupation of Ukraine under the false flag of artificially created would be "popular republics." France and Germany, in advance, granted Russia a gift of plausible deniability de facto, provoking next Russia's aggression. 

Europeans' reactions guarantee that France and Germany, in any situation, will complain again about their precious equipment like drones but ignore Russia's military crimes. As far as it works, Russia will use the trick. 

However, if the main task for France and Germany is to save intact equipment, why bother. Just keep your equipment at home. There is no added value in using it anyway. Quite the opposite, it diverts attention from the really important thing - escalating Russian military presence in the region. 

European Army? Or Russia's weapon?

One more thought. With such attachment to equipment safety and ignoring reality as Germany and France demonstrate, the idea of the European Army advanced recently by Macron looks even more absurd. 

Would France and Germany every time issue tearful statements and issue complaints to the enemy that it destroys their equipment?  In such a case, isn't it better to just give up to the aggressor from the start, as during WWII, Nazi collaborator General Philippe Petain, whom Macron honors as a national hero, did?

The statement demonstrates that Germany and France did take the course on Russia’s appeasement. Nothing strange that the European Army idea launched these days under Germany and France's leadership is a long-term Putin scenario designed to destroy Euro-Atlantic Unity and NATO.

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