June 27, 2023

Why Ukraine's "broad counteroffensive" not started yet?

Irina Severin | UAobserver

June 27, 2023


Lack of offensive weapons supply by the US and other allies

Ukraine has to be prepared, and most of all, Ukraine needs offensive weapons. For now, Biden makes Ukraine advance without appropriate weapons, which would lead to the immediate obliteration of the entire Ukraine army by Russian forces, possessing supremacy in the air.

Ukraine can't take chances and doesn't have second chances for simple reasons. It is impossible to resurrect fallen fighters, who, in bulk - are civilians forced by Russian aggression to become soldiers. 

Ukraine should do everything to win and to win with minimal losses. Ukraine is a European nation and can't, like Russia, use its people as expandable material. 

Ukraine needs more time and weapons to prepare for the final attack, which will undoubtedly be swift and decisive.  

Ukraine needs to win, not commit spectacular self-sacrifice live 

What the Western media don't get is that Ukraine fights not a 20th-century war but a 21st-century war, which is hybrid and non-linear.  Ukraine shows a creative approach, not just following the old and often obsolete approaches. 

Therefore, it is not realistic to expect WWII pictures of a broad counteroffensive using all the forces of the Ukrainian army—with tanks and other heavy armored vehicles— just to become an easy target for Russia’s supremacy in the air. 

Unlike the West, for Ukraine, there is only one option - victory

Therefore, the West should be more patient. Any semi-victory, which some in the West promote as a "compromise" beneficial "to save Putin's face" and finish the war with negotiations, is unacceptable. Any negotiations without reestablishing territorial integrity would mean capitulation.

The capitulation would lead to a new war or to a permanent war.  Russia needs negotiations just to strengthen its position and obtain more support from the anti-American coalition to intensify further aggression. 

For Ukraine, this war is a war for survival. And survival not only for Ukraine but for the West, too, regardless of whether the West understands it or not. Russia, according to its ideology, bets on building a wide anti-Western coalition with anti-democratic countries meant to destroy the West. 

Russia's PsyOp in Western media

Exaggerated expectations in the West for Ukraine's immediate counteroffensive are one of the obstacles to Ukraine's counteroffensive, not support. 

The pervasive idea that the West has invested heavily in Ukraine's counteroffensive and therefore demands an immediate return on invested means (the leitmotiv of all the articles) is imposed by Russia through its PsyOps networks in the West, including PR agencies, which still work spreading Russian covert disinformation despite the Western sanctions. 

Russia needs Ukraine to start a broad counteroffensive as soon as possible and without necessary weapons. And the best way to make Ukraine abide is to throw in the idea via the Western media. Russia-spread propaganda created a kind of psychosis in the West, replacing any rational considerations. 

Ukraine and the West don't need a rushed counteroffensive but a winning one. The sooner Ukraine receives F-16s and ATACAMS, the sooner the broad offensive starts. 

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