July 24, 2023

Biden planned to turn Ukraine into big Bucha but something went wrong

Irina Severin | UAObserver

Biden named William Burns in his Cabinet.

Emboldened by Burns' new role, Putin plans to extend aggression 

CIA Director and former ambassador to Russia, Burns is famous for appeasing and accommodating Putin's regime and imposing limitations and bans on Ukraine's military actions - from refusing necessary for Ukraine's victory weapons to banning targeting Russian military objects, from which Russia terrorizes Ukraine with constant missile attacks. 

Nothing strange that Biden's appointment of him to the main decision-making role in the White House alarmed Ukraine and those who oppose Putin's regime. Considering Burns' passion for pleasing Putin, his new position means the direct Kremlin's ruling of the White House.

Obviously, Biden's decision is terrifying news both for Ukraine and NATO members. Putin's main goal is to neutralize NATO and move it back beyond the sphere of influence of the former USSR.

With Burns' central role in the White House, Putin got closer to achieving his goal than ever before. The nomination means direct reassurance of Biden's commitment to Putin, which means that NATO, in its current form, will exist until Russia's first challenge to NATO countries.

This explains, as insiders inform, Putin's sudden inspiration to occupy parts of Poland and Lituania to create the land corridor to Kaliningrad. With Burn's nomination, Putin's ambitions defy the limitations of the former Warsaw Pact. "Russia doesn't end anywhere" is Putin's mantra and strategic expansionist goal.

Since Burns officially became the main decision-maker in the US, Putin is sure that Biden won't react to Russia's aggression against Poland, Lithuania, etc., as without American support, NATO's Article 5 will never work. As soon as NATO fails to activate Article 5, NATO will stop to exist.

Biden reacts to Putin's nuclear expansion to Belarus by appeasement

The reality of such a scenario illustrates the fact that after Putin has moved the nuclear weapons to Belarus, Biden refuses to provide Poland with nuclear weapons. This decision itself convinces Putin that NATO is about to stop existing.

The capture of the Suwałki corridor is Putin's old project, as is the occupation of Poland and Lituania. This is not the first project that Putin and Burns have implemented together.

The first was Ukraine. The start of the war against Ukraine is a real detective story, which will be studied in detail and in which Burns played the central role. Burns ensured and continues to ensure Putin's regime's survival despite the genocidal war, sanctions, and public condemnation.

Therefore, the potential occupation and destruction of Poland and Lithuania are real. To survive, the countries should count on their own forces, as it could happen that the Biden-Burns duo won't move a finger to help them as they did in the case of Ukraine.

Next could be Finland, which, with or without NATO, is ready to fight for sovereignty and independence.

Burns/Russia's scenario for Ukraine: mutiny against Zelensky and sabotage of aid to Ukraine

As for Ukraine, Burns and his Russian counterpart Naryshkin, during the last conversation after discussing what to do with Ukraine, agreed that the regime change in Kyiv is the best precondition for negotiating Ukraine's capitulation.

Burns and Naryshkin decide Ukraine's destiny.

There is a pronounced campaign on Twitter and Facebook meant to organize a mutiny of the Ukrainian Army against Zelensky. First, it looked like a Russian campaign. But later, it became obvious that it was not only a Russian campaign.

The implementer of the subversion campaign against Zelensky and Ukraine is Yuri Shvets, a former KGB agent (Putin: "There are no former KGB agents") who defected to the US. Now, officially works with the CIA on "recruiting Russians to subversion against Putin's regime."

But in reality, as Biden doesn't plan to dethrone Putin, the main effort is directed at overthrowing Zelensky by instigating a mutiny of Ukraine's military against him inside the country and distorting Ukraine's image in the US.

The memes the KGB/CIA agent Shvets spreads in his daily show on YouTube replicate Russia's old propaganda on Ukraine, which already influences the level of support of Ukraine in the US and, in fact, constitutes the basis of the US far-right propaganda against the US aid to Ukraine.

Biden-Putin "soulless" tandem

Biden's passion for Putin has run deep since meeting him as US vice-president in Moscow in 2011. Biden likes to repeat the story of this odd meeting with Putin:

“I said, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul.’”
“And he looked back at me, and he smiled, and he said, ‘We understand one another.’” Biden said. “This is who this guy is!”

Putin's reply meant that Putin doesn't see a soul in Biden's eyes, either. And this is the common ground for mutual sympathy.

Biden's response to a journalist during his visit to Poland in 2022, after the beginning of the war and before meeting a group of Ukrainian refugees, whether their pain would influence Biden's decision not to supply Ukraine with necessary weapons, was: "No, it wouldn't. I saw a lot of pain in different places in my life, and it doesn't move me anymore."

Biden's shocking response proved with excess Putin's reply to him was right - he doesn't have a soul.

Reassurances to Putin after Prigozhin's mutiny and deep hatred toward Zelensky

After the mutiny, Burns called his counterpart to reassure him that the US was not plotting against Putin's regime and prohibited Ukraine from exploiting Putin's weakness or hitting military targets inside Russia.

Biden hates Zelensky, who broke up the initial Biden/Burns scenario: he should leave the country. Putin's troops occupy Kyiv, and Ukraine plunges into the chaos of guerrilla warfare. Biden's plan would mean the transformation of the entire Ukraine into a big Bucha.

But Zelensky defied the offer to flee and launched a massive defense against the enemy.

Biden's warm welcome to Russian troops in Ukraine

For about a month every day before the invasion, the US started that Russia was about to occupy Ukraine,
and will be able to do this in three days.

At the same time, Biden did nothing to help Ukraine protect itself despite the Budapest Memorandum, which obliged the US to guarantee Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Suggesting that Ukraine's sacrifice of its third in the world nuclear arsenal on the US insistence was not enough that the US guarantee Ukraine's security means that the US intentionally tricked Ukraine into a fake agreement without any intention to deliver what was promised. At least, this is how Biden treats it.

If the US had helped Ukraine at the initial stage, Putin would never have occupied its territory, and the war would have finished before it started.

Instead, the US military informed the world that Putin's army would occupy Kyiv in 72 hours - the fake that Putin himself took at face value. Putin doesn't believe Shoigu, considering him a liar. However, he did believe in the US intelligence assessment, which was decisive in starting the war.

Biden, on his part, ordered the withdrawal of the American fleet from the Black Sea, moved the US Embassy from Kyiv, promised that the US wouldn't get involved in the war to protect Ukraine, and stated that the US and NATO's main goal is to avoid war with Russia.

Even if Putin didn't plan to occupy Ukraine, he couldn't decline such an invitation.

The mastermind behind Russian invasion of Ukraine

As Biden suggested before assigning Burns to his cabinet, Burns was behind all these decisions and Biden's "words and no action" strategy toward Ukraine. Burns was in contact with Moscow before the start of the war, assuring Putin's impunity in the case of war, and continues to be in contact with Moscow now, reassuring Moscow in covering up for it.

The reality is tough. But the stark awareness of the real situation is the key to winning, not rosy illusions meant to camouflage reality. The stakes are too high. NATO countries should be ready that NATO de facto doesn't exist if there is no political will in the White House to activate its mechanisms.

To be true, I don't see a big difference between the Budapest Memorandum and the NATO Agreement. Everything depends on the political will of the US, and as the war practice has shown, there is no political will in the White House to oppose Russian aggression.

Burns's central role in White House means radicalization of Putin's plans

With Burns's assignment to the central position in the White House, the US political will to oppose Putin will diminish exponentially. Moreover, President Biden's reelection completely depends on Putin's golden share—about a couple or several percent of votes—depending on whom Putin decides to invest in the election process.

The golden share is critical for the election's result. In the current American election system, Putin decides whom to add the decisive percentages. Instead of blocking Putin's meddling in American politics, Biden chooses to use Putin's investments to win the election. Reelection by any price is Biden's priority, so he will play along with whatever Putin does.

For that reason, the fewer illusions the European countries have, the better prepared they will be.

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