January 14, 2024

Iran-backed, Russia-sponsored Houthis Special Military Operation in Red Sea

Irina Severin | UAObserver

The Hindustan Times video shows against whom the international coalition is fighting in the Red Sea. Officially "Iran-backed Houthis" situationally are Russian proxies, while Iran in Russia's false flag operation is a convenient cover-up and scapegoat, blindly used by Putin in Russia's big game for global dominance.

By employing Houthis, Putin achieves two goals. The first goal is destroying the main maritime artery for world trade to tout the Russian Northern Sea Route in the Arctic as a "pirate-free" alternative compared with the troubled Suez Canal.
The second goal is to get Iran under attack by the Western coalition to drag it into a war with the United States and the West, thus completely diverting Western attention and resources from Ukraine.
Raising the world oil prices as the result of Russian-backed Houthis' blockage is rather a bonus compared with global reformatting tasks.