August 16, 2014

Sochi’s Lozhkin-Ivanov Pact

Today, Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Borys Lozhkin had a meeting with Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergei Ivanov in the city of Sochi.
In the course of the dialogue, the parties discussed a wide range of bilateral relations.

The parties agreed to hold a meeting in Normandy format at the level of Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia in Berlin on August 17. The agenda and the range of issues that should be discussed at the meeting were also coordinated.

UAObserver commentary 

Head of  Administration of the President Poroshenko, Boris LOZHKIN held the separate talks with the head of the Administration of the President Putin, Sergei Ivanov. Results to be consolidated at a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia. Obviously,  format was imposed by Putin to avoid intractable to the Russians "Anglo-Saxons".

  The so-called "Normandy format" excludes from negotiations the European Union, which Putin also sees as one of the main enemies of Russia. The Normandy format excludes any influence of Poland and the Baltic countries, which, being on the front line with Russia, better than other countries of the West are aware of the threat posed by Putin’s regime.

Germany will be represented by a faithful putinite Frank-Walter Steinmeier, making part of the party of Gerhard Schroeder, who continues working for the Russian Gazprom. As latest developments how France's position is determined by desire to sell as many Mistrals to Russians as possible. Earlier, Putin promised to increase the order.

It is obvious that this format is not favorable for Ukraine, as it deprives it of support of the US, the UK and the European Union. Factually, Putin launches Dugin's project on the division of Europe and the marginalization of the United States.

Being businesspersons, both Poroshenko and Lozhkin rather are guided by business interests, agreed in the separate negotiations with Sergey Ivanov, not by the interests of Ukraine and its European and Euro-Atlantic future.

Such negotiation format is from the start flawed and unacceptable for both the Ukraine, US and the EU, since its purpose is to weaken the position of Ukraine and the West.
Moreover, through involvement in a separate deal Ukraine, France and Berlin, Putin is trying to split the West and launch a new format for potential World War III, with which he tries to scare Europe, using for this all controlled by him communications channels and mass media. 

Boris Lozhkin is not a random figure to negotiate with the head of Putin's administration. In 2012 he was decorated by the Russian Duma for promotion of the Russian world in Ukraine. Lozhkin was a founder and owner of tthe biggest (Russian language) media empire in Ukraine, which he gave up to Sergey Kurchenko, a would be Ukrainian oligarch (Kremlin project), who during last years concentrated in his hands the most important assets in gas and oil industry, in banking and media.

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