May 26, 2022

Putin's "Food OPEC," Shoigu's reflexive control ops, and Ukraine's lonely "final stand" against Russia's horde


It appears that the US (and, even more so, European countries) still don't fully understand the implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Putin's end game. Additionally, to oil and gas prices increase, food prices lately had risen by 50% after Russia launched the war against Ukraine.
But if the US allows Russia to occupy Ukraine, even partly, as some Russia-paid experts suggest to the Biden Administration to save Putin's face, world food prices will double.
Russia plans to dramatically increase its share of the world food market by capturing Ukraine's fertile black soils to be able to dictate world prices. Russia is obsessed with the idea of maximizing its clout in the world's food markets, especially after losing its gas influence over Europe and the world. Controlling the world's food market would significantly improve Russia’s geopolitical standing.