April 3, 2024

Russian Orthodoxy as cover for Mongol Shamansim

Russian Orthodoxy has nothing in common with Christianity. It is a cover for aggressive Shamanism professed by Genghis Khan Putin and Shoigu's icon and a founding father of the Russian empire.

Current Russian politics is a historical reconstruction of the politics of the 13th-century Mongol Empire.
The main principle of the Mongol Empire's extension was capturing a nation and weaponizing it and using its resources, against another nation. Then, the next captured nation was weaponized against the next nation not captured yet. The process should repeat itself until the global empire was built.
For example, Russians are still proud that their troops captured South China for the Mongols.
This is an easy and cheap way of conquering the world because every other nation thinks it can avoid invasion when the other nation is under attack. And does little, if at all, to stop the Horde. When the strengthened Horde comes after them, there will be nobody to help them.
The earlier the vicious circle is broken, the better. It takes mobilization and consolidation of all to protect the one under attack if they don't want to become the target tomorrow - some earlier, some later.
Another important element of Ghengis Khan's aggression was subversion operations and PsyOps in the targeted nation long before the military invasion. As a result, the locals often opened their fortresses, letting the Mongol Horde in. This is the old Mongol tactic, which was recently named the "Gerasimov Doctrine" of the Hybrid War.
Another element of Mongol warfare was creating a false image of the enemy for the victim to energize their attacking forces as if they were fighting for the just cause. The Russians use all three Mongol warfare elements in their war against Ukraine and the next targets.
Wherever Russia runs its PsyOps and other hybrid operations, they are the target for future Russian military attacks.

April 2, 2024

West's Soft Power vs. Russia's Reflexive Control

According to Politico, Speaker Mike Johnson eyes Russian assets in favor of Ukraine's military aid.  

Bipartisan legislation would let the U.S. seize $5B to $8B in Russian assets.

The US should lead strongly in seizing Russian assets to prove its credibility as a leader, not follow a European approach restrained by fear, which is definitely much better than no action.

To generate fear, Russians invest massively in fearmongering to scare the West. Fear is the most damaging factor and defining when reacting to Russian aggression.

Russians weaponize fear against the West.

According to Russian Reflexive Control, the mere threats of using nuclear weapons affect the enemies' brains in the same way as the real use of nuclear weapons - paralyzing and disabling them.

The massive threats Russians issue through their propaganda channels do scare the West to death and give Russia a huge advantage - the possibility of defeating the West without using weapons.

The West should overcome fear and act as smoothly as possible while emphasizing the fairness and inevitability of their steps, which are the Russian choice in the first hand.

Did Russia expect to be treated as a respected member of an international community while breaking all the rules?

March 21, 2024

Biden's "victory today" means Ukraine's capitulation to Moscow

 Irina Severin | UAObserver

Biden's adviser didn't mention regaining territories when talking about conditions for Ukraine's victory.

Sullivan's visit to Kyiv, demanding Ukraine's "victory today" without liberating Ukraine's territories, explains why Biden halted aid to Ukraine half a year ago, exactly when the land lease expired and Ukraine had no other options.

Biden's demand for "victory today" refers to Ukraine's capitulation of Russia today, which was planned in advance and orchestrated behind the scenes by Russia and their useful operatives in Biden's administration.
Putin clearly pointed this out in his interview and advanced demands to the Biden administration to deliver on his promise to make Ukraine capitulate.
This means not only the betrayal of Ukraine but also the betrayal of European NATO members. Nobody can trust the US's commitment anymore.
Next time, Biden will demand "victory today" from other European countries invaded by Russians, covertly playing into Russia's hands in expanding the Russian Empire. By demonstrating weakness and playing along with the adversary, Biden encourages not only Russia but also China.
The same Sullivan tricked Ukraine into launching "Formula of Peace" negotiations despite Ukraine's clear stance to get peace through military victory, which the West is interested in, not less than Ukraine.
Since then, Putin's useful operatives from the Biden administration suggested why to supply Ukraine with weapons if Ukraine is ready to capitulate - to negotiations for peace while it is still occupied by Russia?
Summer Ukraine's offensive without the necessary arms was another Russian scenario imposed on Ukraine by the Biden Administration as it guaranteed the physical obliteration of the Ukrainian army by a much better-equipped adversary and quick Russia's victory over Ukraine.

February 23, 2024

New death in Putin's close circle. Musk: Putin will be killed if stops war

Irina Severin | UAObserver

The deaths in Putin's close circle continue

The strange death of Sechin's son, almost synchronized with the murder of Navalny, was mostly ignored by the media but is important for understanding what happens in Russia.

Ivan Sechin, the 35-year-old son of Igor Sechin, died on February 5, but his death was not publicly reported. The diagnosis is the same as that given to Navalny at the beginning - a detached blood clot.

Sechin, one of Putin's closest associates, was behind Prigozhin's rebellion, which made clear that he had separate ambitions and views from Putin's, which Prigozhin conveyed to the public.
The son's death resembles a continuation of the purge, although it is unclear who is behind it. Putin/Patrushev, who still doubt Sechin’s loyalty after Prigozhin’s march.
Or Shoigu, who kept a low profile after subjugating Putin to his will but still did not give up his ambitions to replace Putin and remove potential candidates - the children of Putin’s associates in advance.

February 16, 2024

Biden chooses Putin over Ukraine and Putin reciprocates

  Irina Severin | UAObserver | 2024 

There is nothing strange about Putin preferring Biden to Trump. Joe Biden plays exactly into Putin's hands by depriving Ukraine of military aid. Despite having enough options to supply Ukraine with the necessary arms, Biden prefers appeasing Putin to win his support for reelection. 

The difference between Biden and Trump is that Trump talks about appeasing Putin, while Biden does appease Putin. The only preoccupation of Biden is to shift the responsibility for depriving Ukraine of military aid to Republicans to look good inside the country and abroad.  

Both Trump and Biden compete for Putin's favor as he possesses the "Golden share" in the American elections and could appoint the next president of the US as he did with two previous presidents by controlling the third-party candidates. 

January 14, 2024

Iran-backed, Russia-sponsored Houthis Special Military Operation in Red Sea

Irina Severin | UAObserver

The Hindustan Times video shows against whom the international coalition is fighting in the Red Sea. Officially "Iran-backed Houthis" situationally are Russian proxies, while Iran in Russia's false flag operation is a convenient cover-up and scapegoat, blindly used by Putin in Russia's big game for global dominance.

By employing Houthis, Putin achieves two goals. The first goal is destroying the main maritime artery for world trade to tout the Russian Northern Sea Route in the Arctic as a "pirate-free" alternative compared with the troubled Suez Canal.
The second goal is to get Iran under attack by the Western coalition to drag it into a war with the United States and the West, thus completely diverting Western attention and resources from Ukraine.
Raising the world oil prices as the result of Russian-backed Houthis' blockage is rather a bonus compared with global reformatting tasks.