January 14, 2020

Steinmeier Formula: from War of Attrition to War of Annihilation

Russia continues its war against Ukraine, concentrates its military forces on the border with Ukraine, massively increases its military presence inside the occupied Donbas, and simultaneously demands Ukrainian military disengagement as a precondition for the Normandy Summit of Four. Such a demand is pure nonsense. 

What does Zelensky expect from the Normandy Summit of Four - signing a capitulation in the presence of Putin, Merkel, and Macron? It would be suicidal not only for Zelensky and Ukraine but also for Europe as this would lead to a large-scale Syria kind of war in Europe, replacing controllable Russian partial occupation of Ukraine. 

Now Russia is leading a war of attrition against Ukraine. The recognition of the Russian military exclave inside Ukraine would provoke Moscow to start a war of annihilation against Ukraine while pretending to be a peace-maker. 


Shoigu already promised "to stop Ukrainian extremists" and regretted that "it was not done earlier."

January 12, 2020

Could be 'Russian trace' behind Ukrainian plane downing?


The often-asked question lately could be ‘Russian trace’ behind the downing Ukrainian plane? 
While Iranians don't have a reason to hit a Ukrainian plane, Russia does have a clear motive. Therefore. the “Russian trace” should not be discarded. 
Since 2013, Russia has methodically pressured Ukraine into obedience by different military and terrorist means, using a false flag operation approach. The downing of the Ukrainian plane in Baghdad could be another false flag operation meant to increase pressure on Ukraine and personally on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 
The owner of the downed aircraft is a Ukrainian oligarch and one of Zelensky's close allies and sponsor of his campaign Kolomoisky. Downing the plane is a kind of threat to both Zelensky and Kolomoisky of what they should expect if they don't obey Russia.